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Our Wedding: The Finer Details

1. My dress is the Astral Gown by Needle & Thread. I saw it online last February, ordered it after some deliberation (I waited a few weeks just to check I still loved it, and as fate had it, it stayed in stock). I tried it on in my bedroom, with no make-up on, no heels, terrible hair, but I fell in love with it.

Always go on your gut instinct with your wedding dress. It turns out that my gut was definitely right. I had so many compliments on my dress, but what I was most pleased about was that everyone said "That dress was just so you." A dress has got to represent your personality - it becomes a tiny piece of your soul, as you guard it for months and months up to the big day!

2. I needed to have a little piece of my late Nanny Pat at our wedding, so I brought along this photograph that I keep beside my bed. My Grandad loved this little touch. I also had a secret posy of Lily of the Valley from Bloom tucked into my bouquet - my Nan's favourite flower.

3. I had to in…

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